Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage Options

Commercial Warehousing

Hoover’s combined warehouse space totals over 80,000 square feet. Our warehouse is fully secured, with 24 hour monitoring and full sprinkler system. Our floor to ceiling racking provides safe and efficient storage of your products until you are ready to ship. We also offer reduced rate storage in our secured, well lit exterior storage area.

Dedicated Warehousing – Meeting your specific needs

Dedicated warehousing can often be the preferred solution for customers with large inventories, who require tailored services and product exclusivity. Dedicated warehousing is a proven method of reducing overall costs. For extended periods of time, Hoover can provideexclusive resources to handle your company’s supply chain needs.

Kitting and Handling In/Out Service

At Hoover the Mover, product stewardship is an important part of our seamless supply chain performance. We realize the importance warehousing and distribution are to your success. We’re passionate about your products that we handle and store. When your commodities are in our hands, you can rest assured knowing that every associate handling the items is committed to their safe handling.

Inventory Management

We provide a dedicated location in our warehouse for your products. All products are inventoried coming in, given location numbers, and the date when the product was received or shipped. We carefully track all inventory and record it in a timely manner. Every warehouse associate is educated on your new product within 24 hours of arrival.

Value Added Services

Debris Removal and Recycling

Hoover’s commercial warehouse services include the break down and recycling of pallets, cardboard boxes, and other paper products. We also recycle metal products and properly dispose of electronics. Used furniture is often up-cycled to a variety of charities.We provide pickup and removal of all debris from your location, to take the task off your hands.