North American Van Lines Vice President and General Manager, Andy Kroll, reminded us not long ago of the importance of the job that we do as YOUR moving company. We, at Hoover the Mover, are sharing his comments below because we believe in giving EVERY customer of ours the best service, all of the time. At the core, this industry is really about serving And some industries try to leverage themselves into a serving story. But the truth of the matter isWe deal with people at the most stressful time of their lives And so that young Military spouse who might be moving while their spouse is on assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan Or the grandmother that is moving back home to her kids probably the last move of her lifeOr the young executive and his family moving to the other side of the world for a new life opportunity In every one of these instances, all of us have the incredible privilege to be able to serve in ways that are extraordinary And we know people remember that for the rest of their lives They remember that great move and the service they got And its because every one of us have that privilege and high honor of doing that And thats something to be proud of heading into Peak Season