Our Commitment

Our Mission

To use the privileges of freedom and capitalism for the good of everyone.

Our Motivation

Our motivation recognizes that:
• Life is a gift with eternal purpose and reward for every person.
• We are earthly stewards of corporate assets, profit, and talents.
• Each customer deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This philosophy naturally produces lasting relationships that are beneficial for all.
• We live what we talk.

Our Methods

Our mission in action is teammates from our company contributing to:
• Maximize long-term profit for the needs of our employees and others.
• Hold ourselves accountable for promoting excellence in relationships, service, and integrity.
• Focusing on mental, physical, and social health, promoting the self-worth of individuals through family values inside and outside our company.
• Generously giving of company profit to people and communities in need.
• Encouraging our employees in works of service at home and abroad.

Our Motto

See a need, plant a seed, starve our greed.